Friday, 28 February 2014

Insta loving

Happy March 1st, ordinarily New Year is the time for resolutions, however January and February flew past so I have decided to begin mine fashionably late this year! I have recently moved to Young, a very small country town 4 hours west of Sydney. Moving from the vibrant city to the tranquil countryside has left me dwelling with a beautiful view, peaceful sounds and hours and hours of time. After a muddy paddock run, some homely letter writing and yoga in my room I have decided to put my time to production and discover and share some ideas and interests. My March resolution: get back into blogging! 

Insta Loving:

Whether my week has entailed sunbathing on Bondi beach, muddy adventures in the australian outback or interning in Sydney at Australian Cosmo,  a bit of insta-stalking has always been a must. Here are some of my favourite Instagrammers:

WHO:  Julie Sarinana- founder of Sincerely Jules  
WHERE: Los Angeles
WHY:  Food, Travel and Style
HOW: Follow jules on Instagram HERE

WHO:  India Rose- bogger IR by India rose
WHERE: London
WHY:  Outfit of the day, New designers and Style
HOW:  Follow India on Instagram HERE

WHO:  Mara and Mine- shoe label
WHERE:  Los Angeles
WHY:  Behind the scenes, Entrepreneur, Designer
HOW: Follow Mara and Mine on Instagram HERE

WHO:  Candice Swanepoel - Model
WHERE: South Africa
WHY:  Girl Crush, Model, Behind the scenes
HOW: Follow Candice on Instagram HERE

WHO:  Nicole Lucas - Junior Fashion Editor at Aus Cosmopolitan
WHERE: Sydney
WHY:  Lifestyle, Outfit of the day, Sylist
HOW: Follow Nicole on Instagram HERE

WHO: Chloe Norgaard - Model and blogger
WHERE: Netherlands
WHY:  Lifestyle, Colour, Hairstyle, Creativity, Today I'm wearing
HOW : Follow Chloe on Instgram HERE