Monday, 30 July 2012

Twitter page

Hey to make it easy for any 'tweeters' I have a twitter profile especially dedicated to sharing my new blog posts and any other fashion bits and bobs I find, so give me a follow xoxox

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fast Fashion

So last month my luck returned when 'Fast Fashion' announced a competition to win £200 worth of clothes on their amazing website! All I had to do was follow the FB, Twitter, and Instagram pages (which I do anyway) and I was sent a tweet telling me to select my new prizes! With brands such as  Rare, Reverse and Jarlo I was spoiled for choice, but after much enjoyable deliberation, I narrowed it down to 3 beautiful dresses, an over-sized Jumper and a cool new necklace.
 As I have been in America for the last 6weeks I am yet to try on my new wardobe, however my sisters has the package waiting for me and I cant wait to put it all to use! I will be sure to do a 'What I Wore' post, once I have tried on my new pieces. Below are the that items I choose, and a link of the Website for you all to browse. Thank you so much Fast fashion, and thank you so much to my crazy luck!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Miami Holiday snaps

I have been very busy having lots of fun in Florida, I was lucky enough to go to Miami last week where it was Mercedes Benz swimwear fashion week. Plenty of eye candy for us!!! In fitting with swim wear week over the last few days I have visited lovely beaches, a venetian spa, springs, been sailing, and done lots of water sports, oh and gated crashed a Yacht party!! Thought I would share a few pictures not to make any one jealous of course.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My LA dream home

As of next week I will officially be renting my first ever house in Jesmond- Newcastle, very exciting but scary! it has got me looking at some more dream house pictures, I wish we could decorate our house so colourful and embellished! oh and the view would be nice too! the last few weeks in Florida sun has confirmed north England is definitely not my ideal destination.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Florida Cliques

I am finally getting around to a much belated update from America... 
I am always curious about fashion trends in other countries. I came to the US, with naive high expectation from TV shows set in NY and LA, initially Florida has left me disappointed seeing a lot more Fashion sheep than Trend setters! The three looks... 'The Dad look'- White ankle socks, big trainers and sunglasses complete with the dreaded neck strap. 'The Preppy look' Boat shoes, knee length shorts and a Guy Harvey fisherman's top, and finally 'The Gangster Look' Jeans Belted at the Knee, XXL T-shirt, and a backwards Cap. I was looking down my newly found snobby nose, struggling to pick my favourite Orlando clique/fraternity look, When I got on to comparing real life international fashion at a 'red and blue cup College Party' nobody had even heard of Topshop or Allsaints!? pretty surreal considering how popular they are in the UK. My eyes were opened and I realised there are defiantly a fair share of sheep in England, and I'm pretty sure every country in the world. I challenge all Spiceboys to get the 'Geordie shore look' big in the US!
I quickly started enjoying the American clothes prices and a trip to the mall, sent me going crazy in Forever 21 and Vicoria's secret (which are probably going to be in every UK cities very soon) I also came across "Free People" a brand which I have not see before, it has lots of summery boho clothes and not a bad price, worth a browse anyways!

All in all, I am having an amazing time, sunbathing, shopping, Celebrating the 4th July, Jet skiing and lots more, here are a few holiday snaps :) xx