Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wear it like you mean it

Diversity is ever growing but some how, some manage to pull off the most Diverse personalities, styles, sizes and looks with ease, while others still struggle with being slightly different to the ‘normal’. In my opinion this is largely down to self confidence and belief. By walking, thinking and acting with confidence, clothes instantly look better, often Models are directed to hold strong poses and postures to represent their commitment to being true to who they are, this is something I am interested in exploring further in the words of Annie 'your'e Never fully dressed without a smlie' ...or perhaps in this case pout.

Three Key Pairs

I am back in Newcastle and working at Office shoes. This time at a different  and brand new location in Eldon Square. The Store has only been open a few weeks, so it's all rather exciting, I would definitely recommend having a nosey its MASSIVE! Anyways the toils of work have a silver lining and blessed me with a new gorgeous pair of uniform shoes, the Doin' it Boot, although they are very versatile, I am always quick to pick up on an opportunity/excuse and have since grabbed my self two more pairs to complete my wardrobe. I am now actually convinced that between the three, I have a pair of shoes for every outfit. So here they are my three key pairs for the winter, Military heeled Boots, pretty Ballet Flats and Urban Wedge Trainers. what do you think?

Guess whose back...

Well... I have been in blog hibernation for the last month, whilst I have been catching back up on the Uni work/ lifestyle oops. So I apologise to anybody who does actually read this, but I am going to do my best to get back into the swing as of TODAY :) 

So first things first I have an interview at GLAMOUR MAGAZINE in December, which of course I am very excited about... and nervous! I am back working at office shoes, and have lots of lovely new shoes, I have had a birthday with a whole ward robe of new delightful clothes, and I am currently working towards a university project based on Diversity, soo I hope to do my best to share all these things on here, (if it looks interesting) 

Thats all the rambling for now Megan x