Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bruce Weber

I often like to look through photographers portfolios and discover their style and taste, this morning I had a gander through Bruce Weber's online portfolio, here are my favorites, for his full portfolio click the link below. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Festival Fashion, Creamfields

This weekend I went to my seventh Festival! 'Creamfields', as you probably know it was short lived due to the RIDICULOUS amount of rain, however the one day we did get was sooo much fun. I always love to dress up at festivals and this year I went all the way, with rainbow highlights (done with oil pastels) and patterned Lycra leggins (which I had previously purchased for fancy dress!) just wanted to share a few pictures on here xoxo


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What Goes Around

I may well have mentioned before, my LOVE for a good hand me down. Yesterdays attic clear out, brought me to the most amazing pair of floral 80s pants, hidden in one of my mums old suitcases. I am certain, if I would have been shown them last year, I would have placed in my 'fancy dress box' sinful. The pants go perfectly with a crop top, which also is my mums from the 80's,  I am not sure she wore them together back then as I did find a matching blazer to go with the pants, however I have never been the matchy match type. Anyways I had to share them on here however due to my sister/photographer being on holiday, I have made do with my webcam... soooo apologies for the awful pictures!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Feminine Beauties - Less is more

I have been getting more and more addicted to "Pintrest" whilst browsing I have come across many, many photos of natural beauties... I have always been a fan of less is more makeup but these pictures show it at its best, either lips or eyes, hair or eyebrows these girls emphasize one feature and then their natural beauty does the rest, definitely taking inspirations.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Princess Fashion

Two of my favorite words 'princess' and 'fashion' whats not to like?! My sister recently showed me these amazing sketches by young designer, Sashii-Kami’s. She has been inspired by Disney cartoon characters, both male and female, evil and good, and has redesigned their outfits, sketching them each a new sexy and very cool outfit. I really hope the designs are brought to life very soon! check her out here  Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fashion Event 'The Arora Circus'

One of my modules for my Fashion Communication course, was to develop a Fashion event from the concept, through to the press and price details.

My chosen concept for the event, developed through research into Manish Arora’s previous designs. I particularly liked his three dimensional pieces and was inspired by his sculptural clothes. Arora’s most recent collection, which incorporates peacock prints, gave me the idea to have Peacocks at the show, creating an exotic and fun theme. These ideas, along with Aroras 2008 circus collection inspired me to create a circus event, with a Manish Arora theme rather than a classic circus style.
Researching previous catwalk events such as Louis Vuitton’s SS12 show, as well as looking at styling from directors such as Tim Walker and Mulberry campaigns, helped me to envisage the staging and props for my event. I felt oversized props, such as flowers  around several different stages of varied shapes, would fit my theme and the designer well and give the event an ‘exhibition’ style.

I created what I wanted my event to look like in Google sketch up and modified the images on Photoshop so I could properly envisage the decoration and stage setting for my event.I then created invites, goodie bags and posters for my Event.

The costs for my event added up quickly, with my event totaling £14,630 before staff and catering wages were included, this was an insightful lesson for the future. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Last America Post

So I am back in England and it seems I did brings the sunshine back, Thank me later!  Just wanted to share the last few weeks and end of my trip in america with you, it consisted of trips to the beach, birthday outings (finally getting away with pretending to be 21) and face paint modelling for disney. Sad to be gone but aside from being horribly jet lagged its also great to be back.