Friday, 12 December 2014

Clothes Show Live

Working as an Account Executive for GOODRESULTS PR. I am fortunate to have Clothes Show live as one of our clients. I first went to Clothes Show Live when I was just 15 and probably around the time I realised I wanted to follow a career in fashion, I was therefore really excited to be back at the show as part of the PR team. With many celebrities... from StereoKicks to Peter Andre, as well as an amazing show in the Alcatel One touch Fashion theatre it was an incredible weekend! I interviewed the talented designer Dame Zandra Rhodes, managed the Social media throughout the show, helped organise time tables, looked after the press and bloggers and of course had lots of fun staying at the hotel with the whole team! Certainly worth going to next year!!

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Glow

The Glow

Under the skins of the thickest forests 
Below the skies of a burning polish
Between the lands of hidden trail
Above the winds that set the sails
Tucked away in the deepest leaves
Lives a deep, bright, burning seed. 

The seed was key to the forest growth
It burned with truth and bled an oath. 

The forest turned to the seed through time.
The seed it listened and lent its mind
It fed the leaves and taught the earth
It moved the waters, giving winds their worth 

Within this seed the branches breathe. 
Chattering leaves, bark bared with teeth
Beneath this seed the ground thinks, 
Echoing wisdom, empowered, in sync
Amongst the seed the river feels.
Turning with force driven on wheels.
Around this seed the winds live.
Whispering secrets to the moon it gives.

For many moons the seed exhales. 
The forest breathes as it prevails.
Day by day and hour by hour 
The forest grows off the seeds true power.

Through storms of season and rain that falls 
The nights draw long and the skies cold.
The clouds roll over, the thunder roars
The lightenings strike and the moon is corpse.

While frightful are the storms.
The seed conquers force
For now its dull, but still will shine.
With twists its weak, but continues to twine. 

On the thirteenth day of the thirteenth second
The moon parades and the darkness is beckoned.

The storm is too quick 
The forest is eclipsed. 
Though here we fear defeat
The seed pulses with beat.

The frightened Trees, they thrash
And the seed burns stronger, 

The ground rumbles with terror 
And the seed grows wiser.

The trembling rivers, they burst 
And the seed lights fiercer.

The winds quiver their wildest gales
And the seed moves faster.

Stronger than ever before. 

Away and away the seed roars.
Crashing out of the forest floors.
Up and up into the sky
To the highest climb beholding the eye.

Here it stays knowing the morn
With the shine from the deepest storm.

The forest holds the message
Through time of dark hold courage
Though rain will thrash and winds may gale
Within your soul your seed prevails.

- A Poem by Megan Huntoon

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


PHOTOGRAPHY: Megan Huntoon
STYLING: Megan Huntoon
MODEL: Maisy Pollard 

Saturday, 15 November 2014


PHOTOGRAPHY: Megan Huntoon
STYLING: Megan Huntoon
MODELS: Naomi Keighley & Daisy Huntoon

Wednesday, 5 November 2014



She shone with whites in diamond skies 
Leaving the others hypnotized.
She bit the lip that tried to choke 
Drinking the drink that gleamed her own.

She shut down fear and exhaled hope.
She knew her mind was strong and stoke.
Her taste was fierce, her dreams were wild 
She had the fire to burn the ground. 

She came with wings of diamonds entwined 
Placing the the gems upon her mind.
She stepped with pride through wind that blew, 
Embracing the fields as she walked through

She licked the drops that fell in power. 
She pushed the gates her heart devoured.
Her strut was sharp, her passion flew 
She was the flame she came anew.

She smiled through pearls of clear and wise.
She knew the tale and felt alive.
She brought the click into the twirl 
She sparked the eyes of every world.

There was no time she left to spare
The now was here and she was there.
She left the lost and found the new 
She brought her heart and there she grew.

She heard the voices in her blood.
She took the dance she knew she could.
She held the map to her new door,
She waved across her found rapour.

Her pupils they gleamed elated with truth 
She found the essence deep from youth.
She flicked through storms and swirled on ice 
Beneath the surface she found delights.

She punched through dark and climbed the rope, 
Sleek and free and all her own
Her lips pumped fuels, her eyes were gold.
Her vessel filled with dancing souls.

She threw back locks and dived in fear.
Her bones alive her body real.
She danced with rhyme a song to sing,
The sound of believers and crazy swings. 
Her presence echoed in every land.
She created the world within her hands.
She plucked herself into a place 
And here she danced and won the race.

She was her own and she was first, 
She held on strong, she couldn't burst.
She felt the pain, she turned it round 
She breathed the breath, she could be found.

She rippled rivers, reached through rain 
She laced the aura to her mane.
She shimmered to her fantasy 
She was real she held the key.

She dares the dreams she broke the bound
she was lost but now she's found.

- A poem by Megan Huntoon

Sunday, 2 November 2014



So come with me, where dreams are born and the sun shines bright with rays of joy.
Where wishes taste of satin clouds and hope soaks over mornings proud.

Peel your eyes from all the fear and let the daemons disappear, 
Smell the fruits of passion and will, ignite your soul with every thrill.

Come with us between the lands of whispering mountains and clapping hands, 
Listen to the clouds roll round, in a place where time brings love that stands.

Feel the fire in your skin and let the flow move in and in, 
Watch the wings fasten to the souls of believers moving to their goals.

Grow within the warmth and color, stride in splashes of every hue,
Dare amongst the highest skies and paint your thoughts with strength of pride.

Watch the ghosts of every lie and twist it to the mindful eye.
Step inside the glossy light and be the colour in every dye.

Let your pupils elate the truth of every desire that makes you, you.
Risk the jump and ride the climb, to every place you hope to find.

Dance beneath the enchanted minds, of idyllic flames and silky twine.
Devour in oceans of lilac and gold and let your heart skip out of time.

Release your skin from every weight, a glistening drop of a tidal wave.
Breath the textures of a thousand dreams, that escaped from bars that held them free.

Fall into the neon shine where the frost is pink and the oceans lime.
Journey to the halo mind and let your thoughts free, and unwind.

Fly with chariots and chaotic reigns and hold the way to the better place,
Spray your soul in showers of beads that will spark the peace within your sleep.

Follow the map within your veins and break the locks of every chain.
Swim through fields of every no, pushing with strength as you go.

Walk upon the earth that stands of love and promise and truer man.
Crawl into this blissful rain where nativity is free and the moment main.

Stretch through time to winds of new, when young and born and small were true.
Scrape away the force of time, look through the mirror in your mind.

See through eyes of song and cheer and create the you that now is clear.
Cease the fall that brought you down and push it back to higher ground.

-A Poem by Megan Huntoon

Monday, 27 October 2014


You lost it didn’t you?
Seeped through the body of your boneless ribs
Everything you had, your mind and soul
That beautiful mistake took you in all.

I’m walking in this lonely crowd.
My dance is broken,
My mind has drowned.
A blackbird calling out my song, 
To an empty silence 
The others have gone.

Each Dusk has no meaning, 
Dawn has stopped breaking.
Moonlight shines with only more rain, 
Tetris in circles, an impossible game.

I’m stuck in this space,
A faded out blur.
Climbing through hoops 
Whatever occurs.
I see only footprints, 
There’s no untouched snow.
I’m enslaved to this feeling 
with nowhere to go.

My horizon’s a memory I can barely repaint,
The mountains have risen and are blocking the way.
This journey is evil I’m weakened, no hope.
I can’t see the bridge but only the moat

My poignant senses have fallen asleep,
Food only textures, just substance no meat.
This hindering greyness, everything dull
My eyes see no colour and no beautiful.

I can’t smell the sun rays, only the rain
My bones need igniting I cannot feel pain.
I need to slow down I can’t hear the songs
I’ve forgotten my language. Everything’s wrong.

I’m a flower that’s wilting not knowing to bloom.
Waiting to fade in this sombre lost tomb.
I’m stepping on ice, awaiting the fall.
A shadow at best- when not invisible.

Somewhere within me my lost spirit dies,
I don’t want to face it 
But there’s nowhere to hide.
What is the meaning if I cannot impact?
Im walking the line with no flair just the facts.

I want escape. I need to break free.
The forces above fallen hard upon me.
I’m balancing the tight rope, just holding on, 
Where is the exit from this nightmare beyond.

The limbo I’m chained to is all in my mind
So why can’t I escape? Why am I blind?
I want to make waves, I need to imprint
But the doors are all closed and I cannot get in.

-A Poem By Megan Huntoon