Monday, 5 March 2012


I remember at the age of 11 it was totally acceptable to wear a low backpack to school, you were just a tomboy but it was cool. Then once everyone got older and much more feminine, my owning of a backpack and actual using of it, was often seen as amusing and a bit weird! but now, well... full circle the backpack can proudly be stated back on your shoulders, the Olsen twins, Daisy Lowe and Rhianna have all been papped with there stylish accessories. And I, in desperate need of a new bag decided to make the purchase. There is a great collection in Urban Outfitters, I went for a leather look tie-dye style here's a few...

My lovely new purchase, £22 from Urban Ourfitters

Worn by Mary Kate Olson
Worn by Dasiy Lowe
'forever is composed of 'nows'. '

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