Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Filming Day Two 'The Beach'

Soo I haven't yet uploaded the second part of my fashion video photos... following from the paint mess in the studio, we took a trip to Tynemouth beach in Newcastle, as you can see we were lucky enough to get gorgeous weather, which meant the footage turned out really well! When we got there we decided it would be perfect to have a hot guy in the shots... wishful thinking (or so we thought) all of a sudden like clockwork a beautiful beach boy emerged from the stairs! (it was fairytale-like)... we cunningly persuaded him to be in our film, and much to my lovely model (ruby's) delight, we shot them running around holding hands together many more times than necessary! stupidly we didn't get his name, so if you know this guy please kidnap him for me... (P.S if you do actually know this guy, please privately tell me and ill delete this asap! haha) anywayyyysss here are the photos :) x

yes... she is smiling a bit over enthusiastically, but can't blame her ;)

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