Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fashion Event 'The Arora Circus'

One of my modules for my Fashion Communication course, was to develop a Fashion event from the concept, through to the press and price details.

My chosen concept for the event, developed through research into Manish Arora’s previous designs. I particularly liked his three dimensional pieces and was inspired by his sculptural clothes. Arora’s most recent collection, which incorporates peacock prints, gave me the idea to have Peacocks at the show, creating an exotic and fun theme. These ideas, along with Aroras 2008 circus collection inspired me to create a circus event, with a Manish Arora theme rather than a classic circus style.
Researching previous catwalk events such as Louis Vuitton’s SS12 show, as well as looking at styling from directors such as Tim Walker and Mulberry campaigns, helped me to envisage the staging and props for my event. I felt oversized props, such as flowers  around several different stages of varied shapes, would fit my theme and the designer well and give the event an ‘exhibition’ style.

I created what I wanted my event to look like in Google sketch up and modified the images on Photoshop so I could properly envisage the decoration and stage setting for my event.I then created invites, goodie bags and posters for my Event.

The costs for my event added up quickly, with my event totaling £14,630 before staff and catering wages were included, this was an insightful lesson for the future.