Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Felicidad - An exhibition for Desigual

Last week I received my final marks for second year and am thrilled to say I have come out with a 2:1 :D here is one of my projects, the brief was a fashion exhibition. I chose to base my exhibition towards the brand Desigual, I created an interactive space where current and potential Desigual customers are invited into a fun relaxing and creative experience, and enticed into the brands core values.

The Brand:

The Target Market:

The promotion: 

"Wouldn’t it be blissful to step out of the hectic and serious walls of London and into a space of positive energy, music, yoga, even sunshine. No, we are not suggesting packing up and moving to barcelona, but visiting this fantasia during your hour lunch break, after the school run or even mid shopping spree. This spring, Desigual is bringing the exhibition of the 21st century into England’s capital. In conjunction with celebrating 30 years of ‘Atypical’ fashion at Desigual, come visit ‘Felicidad’ - relax, dance and create. Felicidad encourages us to concentrate on the calm and positive energies that are so easy to lose. Incorporating some of the most high tech features, guests are invited to enjoy both the tranquillity and intensity of the experience. "

The event:

The event includes the ‘Baliar suite’ where guests lose inhibitions and release endorphins as they dance in their own space. The booths are made in a two way mirror structure, allowing the outside world to see into your space whilst you dance in a hall of mirrors. Walking into the room you will see strangers dancing to their own beat in total silence however once you step into a booth you become part of the silent disco entertainment. Put on a sonic 3D helmet and experience sound through vibrotactile stimulations mediated through your skull as well as your ears, select from a choice of 10 music channels and tailor your lighting to your mood with integrated colour lighting system. Furthermore, the booths are fitted with a recording camera where you can choose to be filmed for a Desigual dance campaign, if you choose to opt into this you will also be given the footage to take home and enjoy. 

If dancing is not your thing, you will be invited to the ‘Crear suite’ step into a photo booth and take instant polaroids which will be shared on the Desigual blog. 

Take a paint brush and express yourself on the walls of canvas, the colours are never ending so convert the white room into a place of inspiration. Communicate pattern, texture and quotes, or simply sit and absorb the beauty around you. 

After visiting the two spaces, head over to the ‘Relajar suite’ a meditation and yoga room with an indoor fresh air heating system and light therapy S.A.D lamp fitted into the room. Instructors are around between 9am and 9pm for walk in classes, participation is completely optional, the idea is to create clear thinking and breathing.

Finally head over to the bar for smoothies and complementary healthy snacks.

The Location:

Situated in central Mayfair, the exhibition takes place in London Art gallery on Maddox Street, just a ten minute walk from both Regent Street and Oxford Street Deisgual stores.  

Felicidad aims to bring new customers to Desigual as well as raising awareness of the brands’ core aims as a unique and positive brand. Upon purchase in Desigual stores, customers are invited to visit the exhibition free of charge, showing the brands’ appreciation towards its family of followers, the public are able to purchase tickets for the exhibition on the door or online for £12. Felicidad will be exhibited 7 days a week 7am -10pm for 1 month in March 2014 in celebration of Desiguals 30 year anniversary. Felicidad encourages guests to go on a journey finishing in positive energy and a sense of wellbeing.

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