Thursday, 6 March 2014

Slip on Sneaker

When a trend is as casual and comfy as these we might as well embrace it! Much easier than hot pleather leggings and six inch heels! Jessie J, Ashley Olson and Alessandra Ambro have all been spotted in a pair of slip on sneakers. When my mum sent me a link to a metallic pair from Coggles I decided it was about time I did a style spot! from Givenchy- H&M heres a few places you can nab a pair.

Givenchy- saks Fifth Avenue £315.00 

ASH -Coggles £129.00

Seed £70.00

Zara £60.00

 Topshop £20.00

H&M £14.99

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  1. Sigh…thought I just posted a long comment about a pair of white perforated leather Vans slip ons I bought that go so nicely with a lot of my dresses..seems it didn't post…?