Monday, 27 February 2012

Creepers and Flatforms

Even as a fashion obsessive, I am not one to be getting new clothes shoes and handbags every other day... of course I would love to but in reality most of my clothes are 3years old and re-worn in a different way each season, which is why my 'what I wore today' will be more about "how to wear" than "where to buy"... However working in retail is my weak point! and in my current job at 'office' I am turning into more and more of a shoe queen! so here is yesterdays purchase, I went for the least outlandish of the three pairs of to arrive, but i do love them all! It didn't take me much magazine flicking to realise Gaga, Rhianna, and Jessie J have been fashioning them beautifully recently! Love them, they are ridiculously comfy and pretty damn cheap! couldn't really think of a reason not to buy a pair!

My new shoes :) :)
For similar styles go to

worn by Jessie J
worn by Rhianna 

'fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair' Karl Lagerfield

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