Saturday, 18 February 2012


Desigual is a relatively new company of just over 30 years.  Within that time, the brand has grown from strength to strength, exploring a unique way of promoting. The Barcelonian company has a strong corporate culture as a fun.

The company branded their first collection in 1986 with their slogan ‘no es lo mismo.’ meaning 'its not the same the concept of ‘atypical.’ The idea was that everything is surprising and not ‘typical.’ From there on Desigual’s strategies were ‘atypical’ creating a unique selling point for the organisation. 

Effective PR led the company to becoming international, Desigual were inspired by the retraction of public nudity. The campaign was launched “entra desnudi y sal vesitdo” enter naked and leave dressed. The campaign was imperative to timing, and the recent law change meant the campaign was completely unique and shocking. The first hundred people that arrived at the shop naked left dressed. 

Glocalising itself with slightly less shocking but equally effective campaigns for the  less eccentric of the world, with “kiss the world” over 3.000 people kissing in Barcelona. Just a year later the strategy for fun campaigns was evidently working as in Madrid the second ‘kiss’ involved over 7.000 people. 

In 2011 Desigual signed a world wide partnership with ‘cirque de soleil ' which is also fun colorful and dynamic, I can't wait to see what the company gets up to next!

'its not the fastest but the one that gets there first that counts'

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