Saturday, 19 May 2012

London week one

I have decided to keep a diary of my days as an intern at Easy Living Magazine, so here goes...

'Late on sunday night, after a four hour train trip across the country, I arrived in London. Excitement and nerves hitting me for my day ahead. Unorganized as ever, at around midnight it hit me that I didn't know what time or the location of where I was working the next day! (tip number one plan this out in advance) I was delighted to find out that I would be waltzing around Bond street like a true Fashionista! I arrived far too early the next morning, and was introduced to the team and taken to my new home for the month 'the fashion cupboard' For anyone who thinks a fashion internship is boring and you sit around all day making tea it's definately not, however equally don't expect to be going along to cover shoots in your first weeks! The week mostly entailed, filing, returns, organising, returns, call ins and oh returns, but all in all its been great fun so far! I can't believe how much I have learnt; designers, press companies, shops. More in the past week than I have in a year of uni! (not that I don't love my course) Although I am not in the magazine limelight its an exciting environment to be in. I get a buzz every time I play a small part in the amazing process, just answering the phone to call in a Stella McCartney coat, that will later be worn by an A-lister or gorgeous model, or giving my opinion on the nicer pair of Jimmy Choo's, is enough to keep me going through the hectic day! One of the best things about Internships is meeting people and learning from their journey into the industry, although I have been warned 'if you can do anything don't do fashion' by the odd over exhausted still unemployed graduate, I am only motivated as someone who loves a challenge! The hightlight of this week was probably my goodie bag, ok I might be exhausted and working for free, but I got free Accessories and I'm surrounded by designer clothes, Im loving it!'

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