Thursday, 3 May 2012

Vintage beauty to Photoshop and Botox

Just celebrated my sisters 21st, this had us flicking through hundreds of photographs, leading me to a conclusion... there is something so much more desirable about a picture taken 20 years ago. Yes I do appreciate the quality of modern technology (most of the time), however it is not just the pictures that appear more natural and authentic. It's the people too, each one totally unique! Quite contrary to the 2K12 look; Tan, makeup, botox, photo-shopped pictures and high-street clothes!
Unfortunately, I can't say I'm the exception, Its a shame to think that my grandchildren might look at pictures of me in my teens, and think I look like a clone of everyone else (and I say this in exception to the fact that I have an identical twin sister) I know its a classic fashion cliche 'unique is the best way' and I probably also sound a bit old fashioned, but I would really like to see more personality, expression and naturally beauty in the fashion world! Surely high end designers should be the at the forefront of exampling this! 
 I Love this first picture below. To me it looks to epitomise both Kate Moss and Donatella's  genuine happiness and perhaps represents Donatella's Italian Beauty, before that magic cosmetic wand was waved one too many times. 

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