Friday, 6 July 2012

Florida Cliques

I am finally getting around to a much belated update from America... 
I am always curious about fashion trends in other countries. I came to the US, with naive high expectation from TV shows set in NY and LA, initially Florida has left me disappointed seeing a lot more Fashion sheep than Trend setters! The three looks... 'The Dad look'- White ankle socks, big trainers and sunglasses complete with the dreaded neck strap. 'The Preppy look' Boat shoes, knee length shorts and a Guy Harvey fisherman's top, and finally 'The Gangster Look' Jeans Belted at the Knee, XXL T-shirt, and a backwards Cap. I was looking down my newly found snobby nose, struggling to pick my favourite Orlando clique/fraternity look, When I got on to comparing real life international fashion at a 'red and blue cup College Party' nobody had even heard of Topshop or Allsaints!? pretty surreal considering how popular they are in the UK. My eyes were opened and I realised there are defiantly a fair share of sheep in England, and I'm pretty sure every country in the world. I challenge all Spiceboys to get the 'Geordie shore look' big in the US!
I quickly started enjoying the American clothes prices and a trip to the mall, sent me going crazy in Forever 21 and Vicoria's secret (which are probably going to be in every UK cities very soon) I also came across "Free People" a brand which I have not see before, it has lots of summery boho clothes and not a bad price, worth a browse anyways!

All in all, I am having an amazing time, sunbathing, shopping, Celebrating the 4th July, Jet skiing and lots more, here are a few holiday snaps :) xx

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