Saturday, 22 December 2012

Red Magazine

Its been a crazy few weeks with uni deadlines and lots of Christmas shopping, additionally for the past month I have been interning in London at Red Magazine, just wanted to share a bit about the placement for anyone keen to get a magazine placement.

Arriving at the Hearst offices at Carnaby street I was filled with excitement and anticipation for my month ahead. I had previously interned at Easy living magazine so was confident the real life magazine world wasn't as scary as 'The devil wears Prada' makes out, however never the less I crossed my fingers that everyone would be welcoming. it defiantly worked! Throughout my time at Red I grew more close to the team and it was evident they were a lovely, friendly, happy family. The entire magazine was layed out on the same floor which meant you got to see everyone and everything; models coming in for bookings, reservations being made for shoots in LA, New York and Miami, the editor in chief Sam Baker at work- who always smiled and said hello. It really is the little things that make you feel appreciated as an intern. I was keen to make friends and it was always a good challenge to try and roll a conversation when bumping into someone in the lift- four floors; thirty seconds, I think thats a record!

My time interning mostly consisted of returns, filing and returns, I was surrounded by the most amazing clothes so I really didn't mind and it certainly improved my organisational skills! I learnt the key was lists and prioritising- new urgent jobs are constantly popping up. There were always extra things that needed doing that gave me a great insight into how the magazine was run; recording how many times brands were shot in each issue for advertising, creating mood boards of photographers work and of trends for photo shoots and sending out issues and comp slips to all the people involved; this highlighted how many had contributed to each shoot, from PR, models, photographers, beauticians and of course the amazing stylists and their assistants.

On my last day at Red sadly the editor was leaving too! It meant I really finished my placement in style with the most delicious Pizza's and a champagne toast, it was a sad but great way to leave- even if it wasn't for me! I was given a lovely goodie bag of beauty treats and a leaving card, I really will miss the Red team but hopefully will be back one day soon! To anyone wanting to intern don't wait until after your education to get started, its not easy as its usually unpaid so your probably best couch surfing- I stayed in 7 houses in the space of four weeks! However it really is great fun and the best and perhaps only way to create contacts for later and its always a nice bonus to get to explore the countries capital, heres a few snaps from my visit.

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