Wednesday, 5 November 2014



She shone with whites in diamond skies 
Leaving the others hypnotized.
She bit the lip that tried to choke 
Drinking the drink that gleamed her own.

She shut down fear and exhaled hope.
She knew her mind was strong and stoke.
Her taste was fierce, her dreams were wild 
She had the fire to burn the ground. 

She came with wings of diamonds entwined 
Placing the the gems upon her mind.
She stepped with pride through wind that blew, 
Embracing the fields as she walked through

She licked the drops that fell in power. 
She pushed the gates her heart devoured.
Her strut was sharp, her passion flew 
She was the flame she came anew.

She smiled through pearls of clear and wise.
She knew the tale and felt alive.
She brought the click into the twirl 
She sparked the eyes of every world.

There was no time she left to spare
The now was here and she was there.
She left the lost and found the new 
She brought her heart and there she grew.

She heard the voices in her blood.
She took the dance she knew she could.
She held the map to her new door,
She waved across her found rapour.

Her pupils they gleamed elated with truth 
She found the essence deep from youth.
She flicked through storms and swirled on ice 
Beneath the surface she found delights.

She punched through dark and climbed the rope, 
Sleek and free and all her own
Her lips pumped fuels, her eyes were gold.
Her vessel filled with dancing souls.

She threw back locks and dived in fear.
Her bones alive her body real.
She danced with rhyme a song to sing,
The sound of believers and crazy swings. 
Her presence echoed in every land.
She created the world within her hands.
She plucked herself into a place 
And here she danced and won the race.

She was her own and she was first, 
She held on strong, she couldn't burst.
She felt the pain, she turned it round 
She breathed the breath, she could be found.

She rippled rivers, reached through rain 
She laced the aura to her mane.
She shimmered to her fantasy 
She was real she held the key.

She dares the dreams she broke the bound
she was lost but now she's found.

- A poem by Megan Huntoon

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