Sunday, 2 November 2014



So come with me, where dreams are born and the sun shines bright with rays of joy.
Where wishes taste of satin clouds and hope soaks over mornings proud.

Peel your eyes from all the fear and let the daemons disappear, 
Smell the fruits of passion and will, ignite your soul with every thrill.

Come with us between the lands of whispering mountains and clapping hands, 
Listen to the clouds roll round, in a place where time brings love that stands.

Feel the fire in your skin and let the flow move in and in, 
Watch the wings fasten to the souls of believers moving to their goals.

Grow within the warmth and color, stride in splashes of every hue,
Dare amongst the highest skies and paint your thoughts with strength of pride.

Watch the ghosts of every lie and twist it to the mindful eye.
Step inside the glossy light and be the colour in every dye.

Let your pupils elate the truth of every desire that makes you, you.
Risk the jump and ride the climb, to every place you hope to find.

Dance beneath the enchanted minds, of idyllic flames and silky twine.
Devour in oceans of lilac and gold and let your heart skip out of time.

Release your skin from every weight, a glistening drop of a tidal wave.
Breath the textures of a thousand dreams, that escaped from bars that held them free.

Fall into the neon shine where the frost is pink and the oceans lime.
Journey to the halo mind and let your thoughts free, and unwind.

Fly with chariots and chaotic reigns and hold the way to the better place,
Spray your soul in showers of beads that will spark the peace within your sleep.

Follow the map within your veins and break the locks of every chain.
Swim through fields of every no, pushing with strength as you go.

Walk upon the earth that stands of love and promise and truer man.
Crawl into this blissful rain where nativity is free and the moment main.

Stretch through time to winds of new, when young and born and small were true.
Scrape away the force of time, look through the mirror in your mind.

See through eyes of song and cheer and create the you that now is clear.
Cease the fall that brought you down and push it back to higher ground.

-A Poem by Megan Huntoon

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