Monday, 27 October 2014


You lost it didn’t you?
Seeped through the body of your boneless ribs
Everything you had, your mind and soul
That beautiful mistake took you in all.

I’m walking in this lonely crowd.
My dance is broken,
My mind has drowned.
A blackbird calling out my song, 
To an empty silence 
The others have gone.

Each Dusk has no meaning, 
Dawn has stopped breaking.
Moonlight shines with only more rain, 
Tetris in circles, an impossible game.

I’m stuck in this space,
A faded out blur.
Climbing through hoops 
Whatever occurs.
I see only footprints, 
There’s no untouched snow.
I’m enslaved to this feeling 
with nowhere to go.

My horizon’s a memory I can barely repaint,
The mountains have risen and are blocking the way.
This journey is evil I’m weakened, no hope.
I can’t see the bridge but only the moat

My poignant senses have fallen asleep,
Food only textures, just substance no meat.
This hindering greyness, everything dull
My eyes see no colour and no beautiful.

I can’t smell the sun rays, only the rain
My bones need igniting I cannot feel pain.
I need to slow down I can’t hear the songs
I’ve forgotten my language. Everything’s wrong.

I’m a flower that’s wilting not knowing to bloom.
Waiting to fade in this sombre lost tomb.
I’m stepping on ice, awaiting the fall.
A shadow at best- when not invisible.

Somewhere within me my lost spirit dies,
I don’t want to face it 
But there’s nowhere to hide.
What is the meaning if I cannot impact?
Im walking the line with no flair just the facts.

I want escape. I need to break free.
The forces above fallen hard upon me.
I’m balancing the tight rope, just holding on, 
Where is the exit from this nightmare beyond.

The limbo I’m chained to is all in my mind
So why can’t I escape? Why am I blind?
I want to make waves, I need to imprint
But the doors are all closed and I cannot get in.

-A Poem By Megan Huntoon

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